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What items does a pawn shop buy?

Items have a high resale value and are always in demand at pawn shops. They include fine jewelry such as solid gold and silver pieces, diamond and precious gemstone jewelry, and even broken or scrap gold. If you need clarification on whether your jewelry is authentic, the pawn shop can test it for you to determine its value.

How is item value determined?

We will conduct a thorough examination of each jewelry piece to validate its genuineness and determine its weight for accurate valuation. Additionally, we will verify the authenticity of any diamonds and select the appropriate size and value for each stone to help you secure the necessary funds.

Based on the item's condition and the current market demand, we will evaluate and appraise each piece to determine its worth.

How does a pawn loan work?

When you require cash, we accept personal items as collateral and lend you money for a specified period. We ensure the safety of your items during the loan period. At the time of repayment, you can pay the loan amount in full and take back your items; or you can choose to renew or extend the loan (if applicable).

It is not mandatory for you to repay your pawn loan. However, if you fail to repay the loan or renew/extend it, you will forfeit the items you presented as collateral. If you do forfeit your items, there will be no recourse, and no negative reporting to any credit agencies.

Is My Item Safe While In Pawn?

Your item will be stored in a secure area, and our stores are fully insured for the pawn transaction value of all items.

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